sourceaditya: 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Endo Pune POGS Workshop experience

Watching Doctors peer at the screen seeing surgery take place 1 kilometre away in real time with live interaction with the surgeon made me realise one important thing, these doctors weren’t surprised that they were doing this, which means every one there was comfortable with technology. An improvement from the old mind set of shying away from technology.

So why was Plus91 there? Because POGS (Pune Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society) the organizers of this event were launching their newly developed site ( by us. We also had acquired ourselves a space to showcase our products.

We displayed our prowess at website design at our allocated desk at the entrance of the makeshift conference room. Makeshift you ask? Well the popular discotheque Scream at Le Meridien in Pune was the scene of the Live Surgery Display. For once I can safely say, if the people at night only knew what was being shown in the morning they would go home shocked :).

Plus91 made its presence felt with a LCD screen displaying our videos and testimonials from the many Doctors for whom we have created websites. Of course our biggest moment came when Pooja and I were felicitated by the POGS President and Mr. Dasgupta the Chief Guest during the inauguration of the new website. I think seeing the society take a positive step in bringing technology into their working many member doctors too felt a comfort level in exploring this avenue of attracting patients and sharing information. We also had a Live Twitter and Facebook update going on. Our pumped up team consisting of Amit, Pooja, Vinay and Shilpi interacted with all the Doctors and also updated their interaction experiences on the social networks.

We also released a new CD entitled “Improve your Life and Work Balance for Doctors”, which has a collection of Books, Articles, Presentations and Videos which tell you how to improve the quality of your Life, being specific to Doctors. The CD was a massive hit and helped Doctors relate to Plus91 as experts in improving their practice.

POGs President Dr. Anand Shinde gave a memorable talk on how the society has help doctors to contribute outside their practice. It shows that the Doctors do a lot of good work in groups and are not individualistic egotists.

The biggest takeaways from the event:
• A good job by our young team of consultants, handling themselves well at the event
• Almost every Doctor present remembers Plus91 as the website experts
• A successful launch of an Association website
• And a nice long list of leads which gives us a chance to create more wonderful websites for doctors!