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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Plus91: Making the little things in IT work for your Medical Practice

Softwares in the medical domain are undergoing a tremendous change. Even in India we see some interesting features, services and products built around the technology and scope of what IT can do today (Online consultations, Health Data cards etc). Here at Plus91 we too, think out of the box or sometimes in a very tiny box and design our products to maximize user satisfaction and increase productivity. These small ideas may not seem a lot, but they do make things easier. So it's important to make the little things in IT work for you.

So what are the common doctor complaints about Medical softwares? The most common one I have heard is not being flexible enough to allow me to add data as I want to. Now changing something for each doctor is a cost burden hence most companies do not get into it. But what if I make the software such that making a change doesn't become burdensome. And going further if I can give this tool to you, the doctor. I think it would convince a lot of skeptic doctors to re-think about softwares. Plus91 us aiming to achieve exactly that. Already template modification is a matter of minutes.

The next thing I hear often is cumbersome interfaces and a lot of typing kills the patient interaction and joy of using a software. Today technology offers a lot of opportunity to make life easier. Increasingly we are using little innovations like Auto-Complete options, Intelligent and Self Additive drop-downs and roll over expansion lists to make the interface simpler to look at and easier to use. If one does not provide these neat little tricks on your screen then you may be losing valuable time in entering your data.

Portability is major concern for the doctor, this along with security really makes one re-consider whether investing in a software is safe. Paper at the end can be easily transported and also xeroxed and stored. So what about your data. Plus91 offers unique solutions in Data Storage, online back-up and finally a external hard disk based auto sync system which backs up not just your medical software data but your entire hard drive. We also provide give you an opportunity to share your data via the Internet with your patients through an Online EMR facility. Emailing the report is now a one click process right from the software screen. Lastly we also provide on request our entire package on single pen drives. This is a real source of joy to the traveling physician, now just plug, play and use the package at any clinic or hospital you are at!

Sometimes Doctors need information at their fingertips. It is vital then to be able to traverse through their system within seconds to locate some data. This can now be done with ease using simple interfaces which allow you to open a commonly used page from any screen. Generally a direct link to open a page from where you can access information helps, no need now to remember numerous short cut keys or multiple click processes. Plus91 uses neat dashboards which allow you to access almost any page in the software instantly.

Now what about information from the Internet. Most of us have used RSS feeds sometime in life. So how does it help to be able to use this technology on your software. Imagine a day when you can get alerts on holidays, latest in medications, and other information right in your software to help you make decisions better. Plus91 provides some cool interactive technology which allows information to be transmitted into the software, may it be emails or alerts, for you to access and view on your dashboards.

Imagine you buy a software, what is the one big worry you have when you do! How long will me and my staff take to master the package. Will it delay my patients interests. Now using simple AV help files and a very simple interface with nice big buttons which tell you exactly where your going the time required to master a Plus91 product is considerably less than any other as complex product in the market. Because IT has enabled us to design visually educative graphics which make your job of learning to use the software quick and comfortable.

Lastly, something as easy as auto-remember and spell check is an added advantage which any software should possess. Its not the easiest thing to integrate into a package. As a medical practitioner it saves you considerable time to click on the old entry or know a spelling mistake when you type quickly. So instead of breaking our heads over integrating it we made our softwares run in Mozilla Firefox which provides these features and helps both of us save time.

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