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Friday, June 4, 2010

Website for Doctors – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Website for Doctors went live in January 2010, it’s been about 5 months since then and the progress has been fabulous. Some feedback, knowledge, learning and more importantly positive reviews have been taken back in kind from the project. The experience has been wonderful as a lot of doctors and observers commended us on not only the initiative, which serves all stake holders but the quality of work due to the focus shown.
Below is a point wise analysis of the experience:
a. Many doctors show interest in getting a website, but very few actually end up coming through. This is not due to cost but mainly due to the work involved on their side. I think they do not find time or are just plain lazy to send in the information for the site. Also some think of it like a tattoo which once up might define them hence are afraid to put it up unless it’s absolutely perfect so don’t go through with it.
We counter this, by following up with the doctors on a regular basis. Emails, SMS, Calls, the avenues are many, the idea is to not let them slip away once they have the interest. Many have come back to us after 2, 3 months and gone through with the website.
b. Doctors come in different makes, we have the very enthusiastic kind, who send lots of data and information and follow up each day, these are fun to work with, but can take away some of the productivity. We have the uninterested kind, who seem to have decided to make the website as an afterthought and have to be followed up constantly to send data and take decisions, here the site may take long to get done. Similar to the previous kind are the doctors who want the site, but are too busy to make decisions and send in information. Lastly, we have the doctors who send information on time, take decisions quickly and appreciate the effort, and just like good scotch are rare 
c. Few things we noticed that doctors liked were: a. Choice of changing a selected template with some of their own images, b. wanting to display their attachments and timings on the home page, c. Reluctance to elaborate on the kind of work, specialized treatments they provide (personal insight: think they don’t what really to write), d. They love to put up images (a good thing!), e. they definitely need help in deciding a URL, some choose very complicated ones trying to fit all that they do in it, not really useful for SEO.
d. Bottlenecks at W4D: a. Information flow: Doctors don’t send required data on time or take decisions on time delaying the process, which ideally can be completed in less than 2 days for a basic site. b. Sending incorrect information is also high on the list, with numerous errors and mistakes, either it has to be sent back, or time spent on correcting it if it need be. c. Payments: Generally we do not publish the site unless the complete payment is made, hence when doctors’ delay payments we hold the work or do not make the site live, this is a rare case but it does happen. d. Too many changes or close inspection: doctors some times are over critical of their site, I guess from nature of the work they do. This can delay going live which is from the websites need point of view the most important part. I say get it ready, put it up and improve with feedback and time.
So if any of you doctors do want a website, go to and send us a request. It takes 3 simple steps and 4 days to have your site up and running. Provided you follow the rules stated above. I think the more doctors are aware of this avenue the more they will promote it amongst their community. You have 3 flexible plans to choose from in terms of cost, complexity and features, so take a decision and take the plunge.
Some stats from our site: we receive nowadays on average 2 website request a day! We have completed over 30 live sites and 15 micro-sites. For some of the more apt key words we are already on the first page. And as for our work check out this video:
What’s been worked on for the future?
• A do it yourself content manager which will let you add information yourself to your site,
• Integration with Plus91 EMR solutions for Online EMR access and pre-visit information capture from patient
• New cool templates on more specialties
• New content which can now be sourced by you on various topics for the site, so no running around
• Patient education videos from PEAS

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