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Friday, October 9, 2009

Initiating Online Installation and Support

As I write this blog entry I am traveling back from Bhandara near Nagpur having completed an installation of Ultrasite with a diagnostic center. It has been an effort to do so. In the long the run maybe the experience is worth it for me personally but the it just goes to prove that the alternative is much more effective. In the last week we completed two installations at Varanasi and Solan without visiting the locations.

I think the era of using the online methodology just not to market but also to deliver and deploy is here. And people in India, at least all doctors I have interacted seem comfortable with the whole prospect. So the biggest hurdle seems to be clearing itself. But thats just half the problem solved. How does one tackle delivery, technology, training, information exchange and also payment online.

For one thing its vital to have a good site which promotes information sharing easily between clients, potential clients and yourself. Secondly it is vital to have a good software setup which allows remote management. Teamviewer, Log me In, even Windows tool are quite effective. Next, your process flow for installation or providing support should be simple and well practiced by you. At Plus91 we take about 10 minutes to complete an installation.

Now things we have learned here are: Some times if the clients net connection isn't fast it makes sense to courier him a CD with the executables or ask him to download it from secure temporary links on his own free time. However our files aren't so big but then again the Internet speeds in India arent brilliant everywhere either. Next it is vital to be able to provide training remotely. We have devised online training tools on our website. A comprehensive help manual and most important of all Audio Visual Help files which run like videos going over each activity in the software. I still get the occasional confused call but its reduced considerably.

Email and chat are the best ways to exchange information and track any changes required. A formal system on the website is also a good step. Lastly payment by Neft nowadays is a very simple process with each branch of each bank connected. Doctors usually never have a problem with this part though they do argue about the pricing :).

Over all I think my company with its small sales force has been able to serve, cater to and also manage sales far away due to this method. My cost is minimal with investment in a good remote software, time for formalizing and practicing my process. But dividends are rich, I have clients in remote areas, some whom I haven't even met. The buck doesn't stop here though there is till room to improve and streamline. May be in a couple of months Ill come back to this topic and mention what we have learned.

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