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Friday, October 2, 2009

Tata Photon – Finally On

I have heard so much about the Tata Photon, that finally when I had the opportunity to take it up I did so with both hands. But thanks to some very convoluted policies and less than knowledgeable customer service executives it wasn’t easy. I recently bought a HP laptop and received with it a voucher for the Tata Photon service. So I went and submitted the paper work and things were going smoothly. As I was travelling my activation visit was delayed, having specifically told them that I was out of town.

On coming back I waited and waited, when no call was forthcoming I called the customer care who told me that a complaint was lodged and someone would call. Again I waited and waited but to no avail, finally frustrated I went to the Tata Indicom store. And to my horror they told me my application was rejected as no one was there during their verification. I told them I did mention I was out of town. They agreed with all I had to say, but their actual excuse was that once it was done in the system I could not avail of the voucher again. Now this really irked me, because the problem was a solvable one and using the excuse of the “system” was a try at making it an impossible one to solve. Moreover when asked why the customer service person I called never mentioned anything, he said it was because they don’t know anything.
Either ways I decided to send some email complaints. I wasn’t disappointed by the Tata Services because at the end it has always come through. The email was exactly sweet, and was sent to the right people (that does go a long way in getting things moving), so within one week my connection was on and the mysteriously their system now accepted the entry. On the whole few things can be learned from this:

a. Big names like Tata really develop a lot of trust by taking action when it is necessary, despite an initial goof up they did come through in double quick time

b. Communication and to right people is important to get a move on things

c. Blaming the system never convinces any one. It in fact can get a lot of people angry because it of no concern to them. Never use an excuse about your internal functions to swat away a complaint.

d. Finally two thumbs up to Tata Photon, I think it is way better than the Reliance Netconnect.

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